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Career & Technical Education – Idaho Contacts


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Job Seeker Resumes Submitted to SWI-MA

(These resumes were submitted to SWI-MA and their presence here does not infer an endorsement or recommendation by SWI-MA.)

Mechanical Engineer

Distribution and Supply Chain Management

Mechanical Engineer/Project Manager

Sales Manager – Food & Consumer Packaged Goods

2018 Quarterly Meeting Presentations

1802 – SBDC – The Strategic Plan, A Roadmap for your Business


2017 Quarterly Meeting Presentations

1702 – Hawley Troxell – Employment Law Under the Trump Administration

1705-Boise State Center for Professional Development-Generations in the Workforce-Coming Soon

MFG Day 2016 Resources

Photo Gallery

Welcome Address Video — Bert Glandon, President, College of Western Idaho

Intellectual Property Presentation Video — Vid Mohan-Ram, Chief IP Counsel, Simplot

Is Made In America Really Coming Back? Presentation Video — Jana Jones, Boise Valley Economic Partnership, Beth Ineck, City of Nampa Economic Development, Steve Fultz, City of Caldwell Economic Development

2016 Quarterly Meeting Presentations

2016-February – Ataraxis Preso-Do’s and Dont’s of Hiring

2016-February – Idaho PTECH Network

2016-February – Scentsy- Successful Onboarding

2015 Quarterly Meeting Presentations

2015-May – Idaho Commerce-ID Economy-Director Sayer

2015-May – Demystifying 3D Printing & Additive Mfg