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Membership Levels

*FTE = Full-time equivalent
Guest AttendeeFee for attending meetings as a non-member, first-time attendees are free! All other events are for Members only.$20 /meeting
IndividualContact SWI-MA for details.$100 /year
Manufacturer – Level I Company with 1-5 FTE Employees$100 /year
Manufacturer – Level IICompany with 6-20 FTE Employees $250 /year
Manufacturer – Level IIICompany with 21+ FTE Employees$500 /year
PartnerReciprocal Membership, In-Kind Donation, or Dues$500 /year
Associate – Level IMembership for up to 2 employees$1,000 /year
Associate – Level IIMembership for up to 5 employees$2,000 /year
Associate – Level IIIMembership for 6+ employees$3,500 /year
StudentsPost-secondary students are welcome to join SWI-MA, please provide proof of enrollment or recommendation from professor or SWI-MA member. Contact SWI-MA for additional details.


Membership Privileges

Pease complete the following information for others in your organization that should receive SWI-MA correspondence regarding meetings and site tours, as well as our monthly newsletter with relevant manufacturing information. (Note: Manufacturing members have no limit to their company’s participants and additional users can be added at any time.)

For Manufacturers Only

This information is not shared with any parties and is only to serve you better.


Applicant acknowledges the following:
  • All memberships are subject to SWI-MA Board approval.
  • All members must embrace the core principles of SWI-MA.
  • All members must be willing to collaborate and work with other members, regardless of direct ‘value’.